Sunday, September 30, 2007


Me: Ethan, come here and let me change your pump site.

Ethan: Dad! I don't want to get shot.

Me: And I don't want to stick you, son, but we have to do this.

Ethan: (petulant) I'm tired of having diabetes.


Ethan: I want my diabetes to go away. Daddy, did you hear me?

Me: (sighing) Yes, buddy. I wish it were that easy. Now, hold still.

Ethan: (fidgeting as he prepares to get stuck) Daddy, if we pray to God, will he take away my diabetes?

Me: I don't know, bud. Do you want to pray for that?

Ethan: Yeah. Let's pray to God to take away my diabetes.

Me: Ok, just a second (inserting the canula).

Ethan: OW! Daddy!

Me: I'm sorry, brother, come here (picking him up into a bear hug).

Ethan: I don't like my diabetes.

Me: Me neither. Did you want to pray?

Ethan: Yeah.

Me: Dear God...

Ethan: Dear God...

Me: Thank you for Jesus.

Ethan: (repeating) thank you for Jesus.

Me: Thank you for Mommy and Daddy

Ethan: thank you for Mommy and Daddy

Me: And for all of our blessings.

Ethan: And for all of our blessings.

Me: Watch over all of our loved ones

Ethan: Watch over all of our loved ones

Me: God, please come and heal Ethan and take away his diabetes.

Ethan: Yeah, take away my diabetes.

Me: Help him to sleep hard tonight

Ethan: So I can play hard tomorrow.

Together: In Jesus' name, amen.

John 4:46-53
Come, Lord Jesus

Grace and peace to you.


Laci said...

Thanks for sharing that moment with us.

And I really enjoyed your story about 4 year old soccer. You have such good creative writing skills!

Deborah said...

Dear Son,
How hard for a parent not to be able to make the pain in our children's life disappear, especially when they ask in the midst of their hurt.