Friday, October 26, 2007

Of Teddy Bears and clothing

Ethan was supposed to be napping this afternoon when he surprised me by quietly sneaking up on me while I was studying.

E: Daddy?
Me: Oh! Ethan. What are you doing out of bed, big guy?
E: I want Camouflage Bear.
Me: Who?
E: That bear, right there. (points to a shelf where some stuffed animals reside)
Me: Why do you need that bear right now?
E: I don't need the bear. I just need his shirt.
Me: His shirt?
E: (solemnly nodding) yeah...
Me: (smirking) Why do you need the shirt?
E: Daddy.... (in a grown up, know it all voice) Bears don't wear clothes.
Me: (laughing) Ok, so what will you do with his shirt?
E: Put it on my dinosaur.
Me: (uncontrollable laughter) Oh, so bears don't wear clothes but dinosaurs do?
E: Only *this* dinosaur.

Lord, I do give thee thanks for the abundance that is mine. And thank you for doll-sized camouflaged shirts.



Laci said...

Hah Eric and I were cracking up! He is so cute! Thanks for sharing such sweet moments with your kids!

Phylemon said...

That is too hilarious! Ethan certainly has quite the personality. It was great to see you during Homecoming. Get to Dallas sometime when you get a chance.