Saturday, September 1, 2007

Back to School and Picture Day

Well, it finally happened... Summer ended and it is time to go back to school. My summer has lasted almost 10 years, but I am back in school, working on my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at ACU. For the next two years, I'll spend a large portion of my week in class or in the clinic.

But this post is actually to talk more about the experience of sending the kids back to school. For most of the summer, we had planned on MH attending public school this year (pre-k and kindergarten were at a local private school). As it turned out, a friend encouraged us to apply for a scholarship and before we knew it, we'd enrolled not only MH but E in school as well! So, they were very excited to be going to school. Ele was a little disappointed (read: threw a fit) when she learned that she only got to go to her 'school' one day a week, but I think she quickly realized that she could monopolize Nana while the others were gone. Anyhow, instead of embedding all the pictures individually, I've put in a gallery. Click on any of the pictures to view it individually or to go to the album and read the captions to see what is going on with them.

Also, I managed to survive my first week at school. I had a great week and I'm looking forward to the rest of the semester. It will be an exciting journey and I thank everyone who made it possible for me to be where I'm at. Here's a picture of me (and my classmates) from our first week of school.

Ok, before you click on any of the pictures in the slideshow gallery below, I need to explain what all is going on... the first few pictures are of the first day of school. The rest are of "picture day" which came just over a week into the new semester. I groused at Amelia about how we were going to be suckered into buying pictures (bad ones... or at least mediocre) just because the were "school" pictures. So I resolved to pull out the ol' camera and take a few shots before they left for school that morning. Well, it turns out that I managed to get a few good pictures in spite of my children. I don't know why they have suddenly turned into the biggest hams when I pull out the camera. All E wants to do is make 'dinosaur' or 'scary' faces. MH does these shy, coquettish poses that look ... well, weird... Ele will barely stand still for me to take her picture. It is enough to drive a shutterbug dad crazy.

So, anyhow, it has been a busy first week of school. Hope yours has been fun, too!


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