Saturday, September 15, 2007

A walk across campus

This post will be mostly images. I have been so busy with classes in the past week or two, I haven't had much time to post blogs or to take pictures... so I carried my camera with me last week and just took pictures of things that caught my eye as I walked from the Bible Building to Amelia's office at Abilene Educational Supply, across the street from ACU and back. I did take a circuitous route rather than just walking as straight a line as possible between the two points. I hope you enjoy the pictures! Have a great week! (side note, for those of you importing this feed to a reader or from Facebook feeds, if you follow the link to the original story, you can click on the images for large sizes and *really* appreciate the beauty of these pictures.)

Bike rack on the east side of Campus Center

New Food Court from the Wildcat's perspective

Pretty flowers outside the Campus Center

This electrical mess surprised me. Surely there is a better way to wire this than the ugly configuration hanging on the wall here...

I'm for ACU, too! But I don't have a towncar.

Sunsets in West Texas are pretty, but sometimes sunny afternoons can be beautiful, too!

This is the first picture I shot in RAW format, the tree above. I was pleasantly surprised at the extensive manipulation possible with that much data. I didn't realize how much you lose when you shoot in .jpg format. Food for thought. Now, I just need to upgrade to a 4GB card so I can store the RAW data. That one shot was about 20MB. Click the small image above for a larger look.


I thought this shot was really funny because this person had not one, but TWO tickets for parking without a permit. You'd think he'd at least take the one off his windshield so the ticket writers would have a harder time spotting the violation... again!

Hi, Dionne! This overexposed shot also features the tree in the right hand side of the picture in good focus while the obvious subject of the picture is a bit blurry. *sigh*

I leave you with a neat shot of the Tower of Light against that beautiful blue sky.

Hope you enjoyed walking across campus and back with me!


Snowed In said...

They replaced the Pizza Hut with a Quizno's? (or so it appears...I don't remember where the Wildcat was) Say it isn't so! Where will the students get their daily allowance of grease?

january embers said...

I am excited about the replacement of Pizza Hut with Quizno's... as long as they revive the pogs for ice cream!

Thank you, Jeff, for a walk across campus! Paul and I haven't really been back in quite a while, and this was nice. See you at homecoming?

Snowed In said...

Wow...had totally forgotten about the pogs. (I guess this is part of getting old...or maybe I had too much grease back then.)

But it was never really ice cream, was it? You just had to hope that TCBY had a decent flavor, or if not, at least one that you could joke about. (remembers the blank stares he would get upon saying "give me the raspberry"...)

Laci said...


Phylemon said...

Jennifer and I had the same comment, but she got here first. It has been too long since we've visited the old Alma Mater. If I understand my dear wife correctly, though, we are coming into town for Homecoming. Perhaps we should get together?