Friday, October 26, 2007

Of Teddy Bears and clothing

Ethan was supposed to be napping this afternoon when he surprised me by quietly sneaking up on me while I was studying.

E: Daddy?
Me: Oh! Ethan. What are you doing out of bed, big guy?
E: I want Camouflage Bear.
Me: Who?
E: That bear, right there. (points to a shelf where some stuffed animals reside)
Me: Why do you need that bear right now?
E: I don't need the bear. I just need his shirt.
Me: His shirt?
E: (solemnly nodding) yeah...
Me: (smirking) Why do you need the shirt?
E: Daddy.... (in a grown up, know it all voice) Bears don't wear clothes.
Me: (laughing) Ok, so what will you do with his shirt?
E: Put it on my dinosaur.
Me: (uncontrollable laughter) Oh, so bears don't wear clothes but dinosaurs do?
E: Only *this* dinosaur.

Lord, I do give thee thanks for the abundance that is mine. And thank you for doll-sized camouflaged shirts.