Friday, December 23, 2011

My Christmas Wish

One Christmas tradition is to tell Santa what you want for Christmas.  Some travel to a shopping mall or event to see a 'Santa', some write letters and send them to the 'North Pole'.  I figured blogging my list was a legitimate as either of those options.  So, here goes:

Dear Santa,
I would like for the people who love and care about me to know how much I value them and care for them.  I'd like for the important people in my life to know that they hold a place in my heart and mind.  I would like to be able so demonstrate this to each of them this year either in word or deed. 

For my family, I would like to give them the gift of my time and presence, both physical and emotional.  Too often, I feel pulled by the obligations I have made that I neglect the desire to become the husband and father I want to be.

For my friends, I would like to give them support and camaraderie we shared in days gone by.  I know that we have all grown and changed and have various claims on our time, but I'd like to be able to stay connected in a more direct fashion.

For my clients and the families I serve, I would like to be able to give them my best efforts in helping to uncover their own strengths and remarkable qualities.  I would like insight to help them to get 'unstuck' and moving toward their goals and dreams again.  I would like the compassion to comfort their hurts and help them heal themselves and their relationships.

Finally, I would like to have the mindset that I need to have to see all of these gifts through a lens of trying to bring glory to God in my life.  I would like to be ever mindful of the fact that I want these things not only for myself, but because I believe that the people in my life matter to God and he is using me to reach them and draw them nearer to himself.

I know people sometimes add in "peace on earth" and the "goodwill toward men" as afterthoughts to their Christmas wish list... so I'll add to my list something that is just as likely: I'd also like an iPhone4s.  Just sayin'

Merry Christmas, Santa!