Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Redneck Pirate

I see lots of funny pictures on the web and sometimes wonder, where do people *find* this stuff? I mean, c'mon... you don't find cute kittens with limes cut up into a helmet shape in nature... it was staged. Cute, but staged. Budding graphic artists with 1337 skilz in pirated copies of Photoshop are nothing if not creative and prolific. But occasionally, you stumble across something in real life that reminds you that *they*are out there... people who actually keep 100 ceramic deer in their front yard. People who have their electric hibachis floating on makeshift rafts of buoyant flotsam in the midst of their 5 ft. above ground pools while they grill hamburgers. And you laugh at them and you marvel that they can function in everyday life. Such was my delight when I drove past this trailer house: 3 parts redneck and 1 part pirate.

Enjoy life, and don't let any stupid elitist blogger tell you what colors you can fly.

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