Monday, January 28, 2008

Family Fun

Two fun projects to share with you tonight (or very early morning, as the case seems to be):

First, we took the kids to see the new VeggieTales movie: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. We all enjoyed it and I used my little camera to capture the first impressions upon leaving the movies. I enjoyed Eleanor's reaction the most. You'll laugh again after you see the movie for yourself, but to explain: it is her impression of the monster cheese puffs from the movie.


Next, after I put together the little video review, I was waiting for it to render and upload and I read a post on "Light Graffiti", or using long shutter times and flashlights to "paint" with light. So, I pulled out the tripod and gave it a go:

My first attempt at writing my name wasn't very good.
My second attempt used a flash to capture the image and then left the shutter open... but not long enough for me to finish spelling.I got the word spelled, but backwards and a really weird "half-way standing" pose.

Finally! Success. Could I do it again?
Indeed. Now, with some practice, maybe I could do something really impressive.
At this point, MH woke up (it was about 1am) and wanted to know what I was doing. So I showed her.
I was trying to draw a smiley face. It is harder than it looks...

MH wanted to try and did a great "kitty cat" for her first attempt.
My last picture before I sent MH back to bed. I had her spotlight me as I moved around. Pretty cool. I'll have to play some more with it.


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