Thursday, January 10, 2008

Found! Lost and other TV shows available online

Less than a year ago, I could honestly say that I didn't watch much TV. I was simply too busy and my interest in all things TV was pretty low compared to my interest in MMORPGs, photography and other hobbies. That all changed the day I discovered that most of the major networks have started making prime-time offerings available for free online.

It started with Ugly Betty and when I had exhausted the previous episodes, I started trying out shows that I never got to see because I didn't have time to watch them at 7pm on Monday or 8pm CST Thursday. Heroes got me hooked next. I am a Heroes-ophile (as all of you who have added the My Heroes Ability on Facebook know...). Then came Bionic Woman, Life, Rules of Engagement, Big Shots, and even though I was kind of burnt out on it... Grey's Anatomy.

Recently, as I was sadly (I say "sadly" because there were no new episodes and the writer's strike seems to bode no good for the near future) trolling the Major Networks for episodes of shows I liked, but hadn't seen, I noticed that ABC was trying to drum up interest in it's hit drama series: Lost by offering up all three previous seasons in High Definition Streaming. I never watched it because it always came on when I was at church or otherwise committed. So I decided to give it a try. Wow! What fun! I love the storytelling, the blend of characters and issues... the tension between science and faith! I'm midway through season two right now and I'm loving it. The only real drawback for me is that I can't multi-task while watching Lost. You really have to watch it for clues and visuals because each episode builds on previous ones. Unlike Chuck (which I also love) or My Name is Earl, which have running themes and an overall timeline, but can be watched as individual stories, shows like Lost and Life need addicted audiences who compile Wikis and fan-sites full of trivia and background info.

Anyhow, I didn't have a full 50 minute to watch another episode of Lost, so I decided to ramble on the blog, but now it is time to go home and cuddle up with my.... laptop in bed and squeeze in one more show before I fall asleep (Amelia appreciates when I use my headphones).

Leave me a note and tell me which shows you're addicted to and whether you've discovered the joy of online TV viewing. It's almost as good as TiVo (and cheaper!)


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