Monday, March 16, 2009

Celebrity Apprentice

I'm not a huge fan of the reality show genre, but I took notice of a promo for Celebrity Apprentice. What caught my attention was the personalities represented on the show, most notably Andrew Dice Clay and Jesse James. Clay represents, to me, a very low class form of entertainer. Not only do I dislike his humor, but his personality. So, I was very pleased to see he was the first celeb to be "fired" by Mr. Frump... er... Trump.
Jesse James, on the other hand, is married to Sandra Bullock. That is one point in his favor. Also, although I haven't watched his show, I have been very impressed with him on CA. He seems to have hidden strengths and I am interested to see how he'll do as Project Manager when his time comes.

What I haven't been impressed by on the show is the absolute chaos that ensues from each team during their projects. I am really surprised that they all are so conflictual. Very few of them seem to be able to communicate and almost all of them have self-images that are over-inflated and just waiting to be punctured by the Boss. Seriously, aren't everyday people able to talk in reasonable tones and without all the conflict or do I just live in a fairy tale world? I know that this show is 90% about ratings and entertainment, but I think it is also a remarkable social experiment putting the result of Hollywood-centric personalities in the spotlight.

For those of you who have watched the first few episodes, here are some observations:
1) I like Annie. I think she is quite possibly the best person on the Athena team. Joan Rivers carries her own self-importance as though she is afraid of breaking it.
2) I think that in the end, a female is going to win the overall competition. Team KOTU has too many disparate personalities. Despite his annoying manner and the conflict he created during Episode 2, I think they lost something in terms of creativity when Tom Green was fired last night.
3) I wonder how well the Donald would fare if he was put into his own messed-up reality program. He's done well by society's standards, but he seems to lack the same qualities that he flogs his contestants for not having.

Interesting. I look forward to seeing how the season progresses.

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