Friday, May 4, 2007

Parental Humor

I love the comic strip Baby Blues. What makes it so funny is how real it is. The author puts a slightly funny twist, but by and large, this stuff really happens to parents. It is funny because it is real.

Recently, someone sent me a "Job Description" for parents that I posted on my googlepage. Anyhow, it got me thinking about parents and I thought I'd share some of those moments that I found from the early days of Baby Blues (1997). The following images are all copyright to Baby Blues Partnership, distributed by King Features Syndicate. Follow the links to view their home on the web.
Real life: One night, Ethan comes into our room and informs us that Eleanor is crying in her crib. Muttering to myself as I swung my feet out of bed to go and check on her, I said, "Why is she even awake?" Ethan helpfully replied, "I was poking her."

I am truly blessed to enjoy coming home each day and having three banshees running at me, crying out, "Daddy!" as if it is the most wonderful thing to happen. I have also gotten some withering looks from under appreciated caregivers as I bask in my unearned glory.

There is no such thing as "baby-proofing" a house. The above cartoon is not an exaggeration. Toddlers can climb, rappell, tunnel, bore, infest and even teleport to places that would you imagained inaccessible. It's true.

Amelia has done a wonderful job of recording details of our lives for later recall in beautiful scrapbooks. We try to record everything accurately. Really.

This one is for Amelia. Our children will use proper grammar if it kills us.

This one made me laugh because I currently have (as of May 5th, 2007) in my bedside table the Christmas 2006 greeting cards, addressed and ready to mail. If you are lucky, you'll get them before Mary Hannah graduates.

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