Tuesday, March 6, 2007

When goofing around with my camera recently, I took this series of photos. The left panel is a close up view with the acorn tops in focus. This is the limited perspective. You can notice details of things all around you, but things a little distant are blurry and hard to comprehend. The middle picture has the middle branches in focus. In this view you are able to see beyond your immediate surroundings, but you lose the details of those things closest to you. In the right picture, the top of the tree is clearly in focus, but too far beyond what surrounds you to be practical.

With the camera, I could have selected a very broad depth of field to get the entire tree in focus, but it would have damaged my perspective. What the camera took three pictures to do, the human eye does with subconscious thought in an instant. I think that we have this shift in our vision every day, as we balance the urgent, important, immediate things in our lives with those things that are approaching and those things that are distant. However, just like our eyesight, we can get caught being myopic and focusing too narrowly on any one perspective. How do you balance these three areas in your life? What areas do you need to spend more/less time focusing on so that you are better equipped to move forward in your life? Just something to think about.